Selling a Home?
We will ensure all necessary tasks are completed in order to finalize the sale of your home. This will include:

  • Search title;
  • Identify and confirm with you the financial charges (ie. mortgage) you are responsible to discharge;
  • Request payout statements from the identified Lenders;
  • Review payout statements upon receipt from the Lenders;
  • Receive, review, and revise the sale documents from the Buyer’s legal representative;
  • Prepare supporting documents;
  • Attend to or arrange for execution of sale and supporting documents;
  • Negotiate appropriate closing undertakings with Buyer’s legal representative;
  • Receive and account for trust funds;
  • Provide your Lenders with payout proceeds and discharge forms;
  • Disburse trust funds;
  • Register discharges received from the Lenders;
  • Prepare a final report
What are the costs involved in selling a home?

  • Real estate commission – payable by the seller of the property for the listing and selling commission. Typically the real estate commission is 7% of the first $100,000 and 2.5% of the remainder.
  • Goods and Services Tax: This tax may be applicable if the home is a single-family lot, newly constructed home or substantially renovated home. The purchaser may be able to qualify for a GST rebate.
  • Land Title and Registration Fees: These are fees charged through the Land Title Registry to discharge any existing mortgages that need to be cleared from title.