Mortgages and Refinancing

A mortgage is a financial charge registered against your property and can be financed through a bank, credit union, trust company, or a private lender. You may be getting a mortgage for a new purchase or for an existing home. A line of credit may also be registered as a mortgage depending on the requirements of the lender.


Once you have been approved for a mortgage, you will need the service of a Notary Public to prepare the documentation and register the mortgage with the Land Title Office. Your Lender will send us the mortgage instructions which will enable us to prepare the paperwork for you to sign.

Refinancing your existing mortgage will also require the service of a Notary Public. We will obtain information about your existing mortgage in order to obtain a payout statement, and receive instructions from your Lender for the preparation and registration of your new mortgage. Once the paperwork has been prepared and signed, we will receive the mortgage funds in trust from your Lender, payout the existing mortgage, send a Discharge form for signature to the Lender, register the new mortgage, and register the discharge of the existing mortgage once we receive it back from the Lender.

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