Next week is Make-a-will week

Make-a-Will week serves as a reminder to get your estate planning in order. A legal will ensures that your loved ones will be provided for and that your wishes will be respected. Your family and friends won’t have to worry how you may have wanted to divide your estate. More importantly it ensures that your loved ones, especially your children, are taken care of. The Society of BC Notaries emphasises that all British Columbians should … Read More

I don’t have any assets, do I still need to have a Will?

Will, last will and testament

It is important to have a Will, regardless of how much money you have or how large your “estate” is when you die. Your Will designates someone to be your “Executor”, who has the authority to deal with your affairs upon your death including, but not limited to: Applying for your death benefit; Dealing with government agencies; Closing your bank accounts; Paying any outstanding bills; Organize your funeral and service; Cancelling your cell phone contract; … Read More