What is the difference between a Will and a Power of Attorney?

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A Power of Attorney is a document that gives a person you designate (your “attorney”) with the authority to act for you with respect to your legal and financial affairs, but only while you are alive. If you have died, then the Power of Attorney is no longer valid, and the Will takes effect, with the Executor now having the authority to act for you. An Enduring power of attorney allows your “attorney” to continue … Read More

What is the difference between a Notary and a Lawyer?

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Role of a Notary Public A Notary Public, or Notary, provides limited legal services to members of the public. Notaries are authorised under the Notaries Act and we are regulated under the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia. In general, a Notary Public does “non-litigious” legal work which means we cannot represent our clients in court. We help clients with: real estate conveyancing (purchasing/selling/mortgaging a property) preparation of Wills Powers of Attorney Representation Agreements … Read More