Family/Estate Transfers

If someone who owns property in joint tenancy has passes away, we can register a Transmission to Surviving Joint Tenant to remove their name from the title at the Land Title Office. An original death certificate is required.

If someone who owns real property has passed away, and you are the Executor, the property must be transferred into the name of the Executor before it can be sold or transferred to the beneficiary named in the Will. Even if the Executor and the Beneficiary are the same person, it still must be transferred to the Executor first, then to the Beneficiary. The Executor must obtain Letters Probate from the court before a land title transfer can occur, and before they can sell the property.

If you would like to add or remove someone from your land title, we can prepare a transfer of your interest to the new owner(s). Property Transfer Tax maybe applicable, even on transfers between family members as certain restrictions may apply. If your property is greater than 1.24 acres, only a partial exemption will apply. For more details on Property Transfer Tax visit the government website at:

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